Digital Therapy

We are one of the first NHS trusts in the country to offer online support via our partner, SilverCloud, digital mental health services.

We use live video calling to deliver therapy to people experiencing mild to moderate levels of depression and anxiety, as well as offering access to Guided Support courses that use a range of Cognitive Bahvioural Therapy interventions.

SilverCloud Guided Support

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What is Guided Support?

We are pleased to be able to offer online Guided Support courses which use a range of evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions that you can access flexibly in your own time.

How long do courses take?

We recommend that you complete one module per week, which should take approximately an hour. We will support you to complete the course by offering four to six review sessions every two weeks. This can either be a short 15 minute telephone call or a written message, and is depending on your availability.

What happens next?

Following this, you can choose other online courses for up to a year. The courses require you to engage in weekly activities to help you feel better. Other people are signed up to the course simultaneously and you will be able to support each other anonymously.

Interested in SilverCloud? Click here for more information.

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