"The therapist was supportive and provided flexibility where necessary, i.e. balance of online and in-person sessions. She understood my disability and found solutions that were easy to manage with emotions and thoughts. The service has been quick and effective."


"Thank you so much for your help. I hope you know how good at your job you are. You instantly made me feel comfortable and I have been able to tell you things I have never told a professional. You have never judged me and you have helped me work through things to become a better and more confident person."


"My therapist was brilliant. She understood what I was going through. She listened to me with compassion and I felt very comfortable opening up to her."


"I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I feel I am in a better place than I was four weeks ago. I'm keen to try the strategies you have equipped me with and I feel optimistic about the future."


"It has been so helpful to look at things from a different angle. I was doing the same actions and seeing the same outcome. The pain I needed to sort and go somewhere. It hadn't occurred to me that I was making it worse for myself by constantly seeking support from physical health professionals and getting frustrated with this experience. I'd been trying to get someone to cure me. It has been helpful to realise there are things I can do myself. I feel empowered to see that I can change things. It has been good to have someone who has listened to me and empathised with my pain, and acknowledged what I'm going through and have my pain experiences taken into account."



"I am so pleased that I finally signed up to do some CBT therapy. It has enabled me to take back control of my anxiety and manage the physical symptoms. I haven't had a panic attack in weeks and I'm overall feeling so much happier in myself. My therapist was great, she was extremely supportive and understanding of my feelings, and we'd always find something to laugh about in our sessions. At no point did I feel I was being judged in my sessions and I've come away with some fantastic ways to manage my anxiety which I will use in my everyday life. Thanks for all the support!"