Access your treatment to Silver Cloud straight away.  You can either be guided by Limbic, our friendly chat box, who will offer you the option to start with Silver Cloud any time of the day or night. 

After you have signed up, you will still be invited to attend your Mind Matters initial assessment, where you can discuss with your therapist the different options for treatment with us.  You can choose to keep SilverCloud, or an alternative treatment may be more suitable. 

What is SilverCloud?
Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programmes from SilverCloud are an effective treatment for low mood and anxiety and ideal if you prefer the convenience of working through a programme at your own pace.

SilverCloud is a CBT course you access online with support from regular reviews with one of our psychological well-being practitioners by phone or via online message to guide you through each module.

We recommend that you complete one 45 minute module per week and complete the recommend weekly activities to help you feel better.

We then support you to complete the course by offering review sessions every two weeks. 
There are around 30 different programmes available and, once registered, you can then choose other online courses for the next 12 months.