Mind Matters is for anyone aged 17 and over who is seeking support to manage a mental health issue and who is registered with a GP practice in Surrey.

Our service ensures that we meet the needs of different age groups, people from different backgrounds and communities, and people with a disability or sensory loss or any other protected characteristic. The information below provides more detail about how we do this.

In addition, we offer priority treatment to armed forces veterans and their families, new and soon to be parents, people who have a terminal illness and NHS staff. If one of these applies to you, please remember to tell us when you complete your initial assessment with us.

We offer priority access to people who have served in the armed forces, no matter how long ago they  served or for how long.

As an NHS Staff member, we understand that you may have been significantly impacted during the pandemic and are pleased to be able to fast track treatment for you.  You can access treatment for your mental health when you most need it.

Remember to tell one of our team when you complete your initial assessment with us. 

We offer 1:2:1 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or Counselling. We also have specially designed Mothers Wellbeing and Fathers Wellbeing therapy groups. These are available if you are pregnant or are a parent with a child aged up to two years old. The focus of the courses is on parent wellbeing with sections on Low Mood and Anxiety, which are all very common during these early years. You will be asked at referral if you are pregnant or have a child less than two years old. 

We are committed to making therapy accessible for everyone, including those who are typically less likely to access support, such as:
•    people who have a learning disability
•    those who do not have English as their first language
We adapt our sessions to make them easier to access and engage. Adaptations may include sessions in another language using our bi-lingual therapists or an interpreter, questionnaires available in other languages, adapted session materials including simplified text or spoken rather than written materials. 

We work closely with local universities and schools to provide free talking therapies to Surrey’s students who are aged 17 and over. 

We are aware of the stress and common problems that students experience and can offer cognitive behaviour therapy and counselling to help manage mood to have a positive impact on studies.